Village with strong agricultural activity, located 13 km from Pornic and from the beaches of the Côte de Jade, Chauvé attracts walkers in search of nature and tranquility.

A picturesque little farming village, Chauvé, 13 km from the coast, attracts walkers in search of nature and tranquillity. Along the edge of a meadow, along the narrow country lanes, chat to the birds, look deep into the eyes of the cows and whisper in the ears of the horses. Finally, take a good look around you and guess where the famous megaliths are hidden....
Menhirs des Platennes

"Between the 3 stones, in the flight of a capon, a treasure is hidden".

Sometimes impressive in their height, sometimes remarkable, the menhirs will take you back through the centuries. These great stones have always haunted people's imaginations. 
The emblematic Platennes dolmen, also known as "Les 3 pierres de la Crotrie", is made up of 3 upside-down menhirs, each around 4 metres high. The 3 main stones are undoubtedly the remains of a larger megalithic monument... perhaps a covered walkway. Twenty metres to the east, the remains of a 2nd alignment can be seen. So many mysteries!
  • Charcuterie Laurent Bernier
  • Le Moulin de la Rigaudière
  • Parc de loisirs de Chauvé
The Moulin de la Rigaudière (15th-16th century) has lost its wings several times. In 1970, when it was last restored, beautiful iroko wings (a very strong wood from equatorial Africa) were installed. This private site is located on the Marais et Moulins hiking trail.
A haven of peace for families, the leisure park, located in the heart of the village, is ideal for relaxing and sharing: picnics, walks, city park, fitness trail, fishing...

There's even a barbecue! Take advantage of the opportunity to grill some of the home-made specialities of Laurent Bernier, Chauvé's master pork butcher: sausages with Nantes curé, marinated meat... and try his traditional pâtés or his award-winning white ham.

Did you know?

Chauvé played an important role in the supply of building materials. The gneiss quarried at l'Ennerie and the bricks and tiles made at the brickworks not only supplied the town but also the surrounding area, defining the architecture of the Pays de Retz.
fête de l'âne à Chauvé

Soline's favourites:

  1. Buy specialities from the famous Charcuterie Laurent Bernier for a great barbecue. My favourites: sausages with Nantes curé or marinated meat for grilling.
  2. In fine weather, take a picnic to the leisure park, in the shade by the pond and away from the crowds on the coast. Relax while the children play Tarzan on the zip line.
  3. Let yourself be charmed by the Menhirs circuit.
  4. On Friday evenings, buy bread, vegetables and products 100% made in Pays de Retz at the ferme du Pin.
  5. Get caught up in the game, stroke the donkey's long ears, take a ride on the cart, in short... make a note in your diary to go to the Donkey Festival.
Chauvé " en bréf " :
2699 inhabitants
40.98 km2 surface area
585 hectares of forest
Origin of the name: comes from the Brittonic "calleva" meaning wood.
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GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.15073899999999
Longitude : -1.9871040000000448