Shellfish sites

Destination Pornic has a very strong shellfish activity.

La Plainaise, bouchot mussels in La Plaine-sur-Mer : the flagship product of the summer holidays! 2% of the national market, 50% of the mussel production of Pays de la Loire (about 200 tons per year) ... regular mussels in terms of flesh, size and quality ... humm what you feast!
You can taste it directly in the restaurants of our territory or during the famous "mold festivals" organized during the summer by certain associations of the Côte de Jade. To discover the mussel culture, go to the shellfish area in La Plaine-sur-Mer, during guided tours of SAS Baudet.

Oysters of Bourgneuf Bay
In this ideal setting, delicious oysters develop. Some 1500 tonnes are produced each year in the Baie's parks thanks to the 700 oyster farmers, or 12% of the national production. Come meet the oyster farmers in Moutiers-en-Retz, in the aquaculture areas of Collet and Lyarne, they will explain their job, their passion and their product.

Good visit and good tasting !
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+33 2 51 74 86 99 LA PLAINE SUR MER
+33 2 40 21 05 29 LA PLAINE SUR MER
+33 2 40 21 51 02 LA PLAINE SUR MER
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