Interview Mathieu Guibert

Head chef and owner of Anne de Bretagne Hotel Restaurant in La Plaine-sur-Mer
Tell us how you came to the Anne de Bretagne establishment?

"I’m originally from Saint Michel-Chef-Chef. I got to travel a lot because of my training and career but I never cut my ties to my region. My family and friends are here as well as all the bonds I was able to forge by being heavily involved in community life.
After meeting Philippe Vételé and visiting the establishment in September 2015, it all seemed so obvious and simple. This house has a humanity which I like with which I'll be able to properly champion local produce and the Pays de Retz."
The spirit of the local area and respect for producers and regional products are values which you hold dear. Which Destination Pornic flavours can we find in your dishes?
"Here we cook with salt from the Salines de Millac salt marshes. It’s really good — a genuine salt of the terroir which carries the taste and particular nature of the old Breton marshes. It is also a product which is full of the passion and love of the people who collect it... and that is something I value highly.

You can find strawberries from la Fraiseraie in our desserts and pastries. Sometimes we like to go and pick them ourselves in Pornic during the harvest season. They’re also in our jams for breakfasts.

Le Curé Nantais is on our cheese platter at breakfast time but also on my new menu “a stroll in my Pays de Retz”.

From June to September, we cook mussels from La Plaine-sur-Mer — the star product from round here. Fleshy, with a strong taste and nice and salty, they have a great texture to work with."
Can you describe for us, for example, one of your dishes involving mussels?
"Mussels served in different ways as a starter": Mussels in tomato jelly infused with fennel flower.
Light cream of mussels with saffron and orange.
 Hot/cold moule marinière with toast rubbed with garlic butter.
We're well aware of the reputation of the wine cellar that Michèle Vételé has put together — more than 30,000 bottles. Do you ever offer your customers beer?
"Yes actually! We have customers who like to go for a walk and discover our local area and who may want to have a cool drink when they get back. We only offer one brand of beer: La Brigantine de Pornic. A high-quality beer which is 100% locally made, which retains a great balance between bubbles, bitter taste and sweetness."
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As you come from Saint Michel-Chef-Chef, the Galettes St Michel must bring back tasty memories...
"Galettes St Michel are my favourite product. My grandma used to give them to us when I was little. When I cycled back from school, the smell of butter went with me on the trip home. I also have a few memories of visiting the factory, I was so proud I got the chance to see inside...
We don’t offer any desserts with Galettes St Michel, maybe we will at a later date, but I like to give them to our customers as I like people to find out about them."
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