Laurent Guitteny, Independent winegrower since 2000

Laurent Guitteny, vigneron indépendant à Sainte Pazanne
"This work is a real family transmission".
You work on the estate with your cousin and you have been winegrowers for two generations. Is it a vocation?

Yes, I see it as the natural continuation of my family history if you like. I grew up in the vineyards besides my father and uncle. As a small child, I helped with the bottling by hand, the minor tasks, etc. when I was old enough to be able to help with pruning the vines, I remember naturally repeating the actions that I had seen carried out.
Laurent Guitteny, vigneron indépendant à Sainte Pazanne
Working in the vineyard today is nothing like what you knew as a child. Tell us about it !

Indeed, our way of working has undergone a transformation in the last 15 years. Respect for the environment has steered us towards manual and mechanical working methods, rather than using chemicals. We also wanted to strengthen our commitment to our region by setting up authentic partnerships with local businesses and showcasing our wines in local restaurants. Some chefs in Destination Pornic have decided to offer cuisine which promotes local producers. It is major recognition of the quality of our wines and we are proud that they are associated with carefully chosen dishes. As for me, for the past 7 years, I have been offering tours of the vineyard and the wine cellar accompanied by a tasting session. It’s an opportunity for me to share all my know-how with the public, to explain our environmental approach and to pass on my recipe for warm oysters and other delicious suggestions to better enjoy our wines.
Working in the vines throughout the year gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the changes in Mother Nature throughout the seasons. What is your favorite moment?

I like to enjoy the vines and their beautiful green colors in July, two months before the harvest. When I stop in the aisles and observe the generous and generous bunches, I am very proud. It’s the fruit of a whole year’s work that presents itself to me and it’s a truly unique emotion.
  • Se promener à Port Saint-Père
  • Pêche à pied à La Bernerie en Retz
  • Découvrir Rouans
My Destination Pornic:

My favourite walk
: in the Port-Saint-Père countryside among the marshes and the hills. As part of my work, I get to tend to the vineyards of certain grand residences. The majority of these châteaux are only visible by walking or kayaking along L’Acheneau river. You can catch a glimpse of Château de Grandville – the columns of its balcony are reminiscent of Italian architecture – or Château de Briord, transformed into a “folie” (name given to Bourgeois mansions at that time) during the 17th century.

What brings childhood memories flooding back: fishing with a friend in La Bernerie-en-Retz. There is a fantastic view over Bourgneuf bay… there you find oysters, scallops, pink and grey prawns, velvet crabs and sometimes cuttlefish... it’s all wonderful. A simple pleasure – limpets cooked in vine shoots with a bit of local butter.
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