My walk of the day in Chauvé

Ma balade du jour : circuit Marais et Moulins
If, at the foot of the Church of Chauvé, your path crosses that of a benevolent soul who advises you to discover the Moulins et Marais circuit at the end of the day, listen to her and trust her.

Like Damien Dufour, nature-loving photographer, enjoy the silence of the Chauvé countryside: "Behind every memory is a journey. And the possibility of living." It is in this perspective of course that he criss-crossed this Destination Pornic circuit for us.
Douce lumière à Chauvé
The soft lights of the end of the day offer this bucolic circuit the ideal atmosphere to discover the hinterland of Pornic.

As the sun's rays are less powerful, the meadows and marshes of this walking and cycling loop will reveal all their colors and their soothing contrasts... ... thus inviting you to daydream, to escape.

The wind fades and gives way to the tenuous but still very present song of the birds and the sound of the breeze in the treetops.

In the background, the heavy tread of cows in the meadows and the clanking of their bells announcing their proximity.
At the start of the evening, the sunny petals modestly attract your attention and bring your gaze to the naturally flowered aisles.

All you have to do is close your eyes for a moment and smell the thousand scents of the countryside to rediscover all its charm. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Les jolies vaches de Chauvé
  • Pétales ensoleillés
  • Arbres de charme à Chauvé
Le Moulin de la Rigaudière
Crossing typical small villages and farms throughout the walk, the route will take you through fields and marshes, to discover old mills, some restored and others rehabilitated into dwellings, the most notable of which remains the Moulin de la Rigaudière. Located a short distance from the route, it echoes the rural architecture of yesteryear.
Paysage authentique de Chauvé
During the circuit another of yesteryear is illustrated through the Haute-Perche canal.
It was used to transport goods from the countryside to the coast.

A little further on, at the entrance to Chauvé, you can also extend this historical experience by reading the story of Lieutenant Lafayette, a descendant of the illustrious marquis, narrated on the stele of the Chemin de la mémoire. This region was the scene of many feats of arms during the Second World War.
Petites rues de Chauvé
The small streets of the town of Chauvé will then welcome you at the end of a loop of more than fourteen kilometers, which will have allowed you to discover the hinterland of the Pornic region and its many attractions in a different way.

And if, at the arrival of this rural circuit or during your walk, you feel like having a picnic, several rest areas and other clearings will allow you to set up an ephemeral table and taste the delicious local products of the Country. of Retz.
Useful information :
Circuit Marais and Moulins
14,4 km
3h35 on foot
1h20 by bike
2h30 on horseback

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