My walk of the day in Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons

Ma balade du jour : circuit Les Templiers
Departing from Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons, the Templar circuit offers an immersion in the history, heritage and landscapes of the town and its region.

Like Damien Dufour, nature-loving photographer, take advantage of the richness of this beautiful countryside: "Behind every memory is a journey. And the possibility of living." It is in this perspective of course that he criss-crossed this Destination Pornic circuit for us.
This both pedestrian and cycle route begins at the foot of a Calvary with a chapel and surrounded by a surprising cemetery in the shape of a horseshoe and a monumental Calvary. It was erected in the 19th century by the sole will of Curé Viollet.
Having participated in 1793 alongside the Vendeans and General de Charette in the fight against the Republicans, he decided to honor the memory of the victims of the Vendée wars by building a Calvary, on the same model as that of Pontchâteau.
  • Circuit Les Templiers
  • Circuit Les Templiers
  • Circuit Les Templiers
  • Circuit Les Templiers
You will then leave the town center of the village and in particular the church, whose chime would sound “La Paimpolaise”, a song by Théodore Botrel. Over the hours, discover the panoramas around Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons. White paths lined with hedges offer a passage through the middle of agricultural land and pasture, undergrowth filters the sun's rays into a myriad of lights, forgotten roads pass at the foot of large wind turbines.
Do not forget to observe the iron bridge that you will find south of the village of La Charpenterie which spans the railway line linking Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons to Pornic and delivers an astonishing and high perspective on the surrounding countryside.
Circuit Les Templiers
The fauna and flora are also rich, offering hikers and cyclists soothing breaks. This is an opportunity to cross paths with wild bees, multicolored butterflies, horses with slender silhouettes, herds of cows grazing peacefully or, depending on the season, swallows and swifts flying in a constant ballet. renewed.

You will also be able to admire large oak trees now centenarians, worthy heirs of the past and of bygone eras.
Circuit Les Templiers
At La Richerie, cross the Arceau bridge. In this village, a farmer would have a lintel dated 1653 coming from a construction of this same village.
The Templiers loop offers beautiful perspectives and in particular, that of strolling in the heart of nature. Let yourself be carried away on the trails of this atypical circuit, where history mixes willingly with daydreaming.

And perhaps you will discover with a villager the mystery surrounding his name.

Useful information
Circuit "Les Templiers"
Departure point: Parking du Calvaire, rue Eloi Guitteny
3h45 on foot
1h30 by bike

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