My walk of the day in Sainte-Pazanne

Ma balade du jour : circuit l'étang de la Beusse

In the early morning, the mists spread over the Beusse pond in Sainte-Pazanne and coat the landscapes with a magical atmosphere. Only silence and animals reign near this stretch of water. Even the wind does not dare brush against it, for fear of wrinkling these ephemeral mirrors in which the sky and the banks are reflected.
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Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
Then walk on these still deserted shores and discover a world that is awakening, where the song of the birds celebrates the first rays of the sun, darting through the dense foliage of the hedges.
Throughout the day, the circuit around the Beusse pond reveals a multitude of other charms and perspectives.
Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
Leave behind the edges of the pond, where a few fishermen will have cast their lines under the beneficial branches of a tree and you can discover the countryside of Sainte-Pazanne and its small hamlets such as La Berthauderie or La Boutinière.
A road crisscrosses the green fields of alfalfa and a path in the shade of two hedges which meet to form a canopy of vegetation, a few typical houses from which the aroma of some grilling on the fire will perhaps escape, a convivial moment in the open air, punctuated by laughter and conversations muffled by the stone walls
  • Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
  • Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
  • Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
Along a shady path, you will then come out at the southern tip of the pond, where the frail stream suddenly extends and takes shape.
The landscape becomes bucolic.
On the banks, walkers, herons, wild bees and vacationers meet peacefully, some basking in the sun.
Circuit l'étang de la Beusse
If you have the time to stay near the pond at the end of the day or discover it in the evening, you will then be in the front row of a hypnotic spectacle: that of the light of day fading into the waters of the lake. The final reflections of the landscape are erased in a rediscovered silence, barely disturbed by the chirping of crickets. And when the sun has finally bowed out behind the horizon line, perhaps you will be able to see, if the sky is kind, on the surface of the waters, the reflection of the stars and the moon, like an invitation to reverie and summer dreams.
Under a sparkling Milky Way, astrophotography and astronomy enthusiasts can admire and immortalize this beautiful landscape.
Useful information
Circuit The Beusse pond
Departure point: car park at the Beusse pond
2 hours on foot
50 mins by bike

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The circuit accessible to all "La coulée verte" (1.6 km).
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