My walk of the day in Vue

Ma balade du jour : circuit Les coteaux
Located near Vue, the hillside path offers a walk of about thirteen kilometers, between belvederes with panoramic views of the Pornic countryside and paths in shady undergrowth.

Damien Dufour, photographer in love with nature, likes to share the tranquility he discovered throughout this journey. "Behind every memory is a journey. And the possibility of living."
He shares his beautiful adventures through his travel diaries.
Circuit Les coteaux
A temporal parenthesis, in which you can even go back in time, thanks to varied atmospheres and decors.
The first bends in the path unroll their route towards the top of a hillside, where a green and beneficial panorama opens up. In the distance, the undulations of the hinterland reveal perspectives full of charm and invite you to escape.
Not a sound disturbs the walker, except the faint song of a few birds hidden in the trees.
Circuit Les coteaux
The path then sinks into a tunnel of greenery, plunging into a thick forest where oaks and chestnuts mingle.
The sun's rays filter into a myriad of reflections.
Cradled by the rustle of the wind in the leaves, take your time, breathe in the thousand scents of the undergrowth and treat yourself to a moment of contemplation!
  • Circuit Les coteaux
  • Circuit Les coteaux
  • Circuit Les coteaux
  • Circuit Les coteaux
Villages, such as that of La Hamoyère or Millauds, also punctuate this route where the landscapes are sometimes clear, sometimes punctuated by narrow paths on the edge of some woods.
The opportunity to discover architecture and old houses and to imagine the lives and eras they have seen pass.
History is also the red thread of the hillside path, allowing you to discover, for example, the Moulin de la Barre, whose construction dates back to the 19th century. The hiker discovers another particularity there, the flax holes, these pits filled with water which were once used to immerse textile plants such as flax or hemp, in order to separate the noble parts and send them afterwards to Corderie de Paimboeuf.
Circuit Les coteaux
And when you think you are at the end of your surprises, the path will suddenly fork to your left, taking you to an old abandoned railway line, lined with trees and bushes. The rails guide our gaze towards a wild countryside and make you want to travel a few more kilometres.

Watch time pass before you and walk in the footsteps of this region's past.

Enough to let the imagination soar and follow it with a smile.
Useful information
Circuit The hills
Departure point: parking lot of the motocross field, La Chipaudière
3h20 on foot
1h20 by bike

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