In southern Brittany, close to the Vendée and Poitou, PORNIC is the anchor of a historic zone of communications, formerly by the sea and the rivers, today by the road and the airs, since the city develops less than 30 minutes from Nantes-Atlantique airport. Located on the Atlantic coast, south of the Loire estuary and 50 km from NANTES, the seaside resort of Pornic sounds good Breton because it hosts, it is true, the southernmost of the ports of the old Celtic province.
Port et château de Pornic
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Sports enthusiasts come here to recharge their batteries!
City dwellers are drawn here by the remarkable quality of life.
With its thalassotherapy centre, marinas, golf course, casino, beaches and coves, PORNIC is ready for the new century, while retaining all the assets of its prestigious past.
The town of PORNIC, which has been visited since ancient times, was built on a silvery schist rock at the confluence of three rivers and the sea.
It was the presence of the wide open spaces of the sea that prompted mankind to build one of the most unusual megalithic complexes in Armorica. Coveted by the Vikings, the port and its valley were soon protected by a fortress, which in the Middle Ages became one of the estates of the famous Gilles de Rais.
Privateers, slave traders and the heroes of the Vendée wars then took possession of the town and forged its myths.
The Château de Pornic, built at the prow of the medieval town with its narrow streets, staircases, covered market and chapels, is now the tourist attraction of the listed resort of Pornic.
Founded in 1830 on the fashion for water sports and sea bathing, the resort's reputation was enhanced by the romantic descriptions of Jules Sandeau, Jules Michelet and Robert Browning.
The railway then gave the signal for the democratisation of tourism, attracting personalities such as Martial Caillebotte, Auguste Renoir and Lenin...
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At the time, seaside villas were sprouting up all over the coast. The atmosphere of the "Belle Epoque" is still very much alive today; the chalet villas have withstood the test of time and appear in all their splendour. At the front, a customs path designed for strolling attracts a growing number of visitors who come to enjoy the seascapes and their wonderful flora.
To live in PORNIC, if only for a moment, is to suspend time in search of a delightful pleasure.
Pornic in brief :
16,297 inhabitants
14 km of coastline
10,000 hectares
The old Pornic motto: "Maris Stella Sit Nobis Propitia".
"May the star of the sea be with us".
A slogan: "4 seasons full of charm".
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GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.11389
Longitude : -2.09441