Pornic take me for a ride

In truth, when you love Pornic and its charm, you never really leave them... It's like a love story.
On the other hand, to breathe a little and break away from the tumult of the old port, you can move away from it for just a few hours...
An escape accessible on foot or by bike.
#itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
Step 1 – An extraordinary garden

Starting from the Ria esplanade, behind the old port of Pornic, take a green path punctuated with discoveries.
Pontoons above the Haute-Perche canal, luxuriant plant species according to the seasons (oleanders, camellias, reeds, palm trees, water lilies, etc.) you enter the botanical garden of the Ria.
In the cascading pools, ducks, moorhens and other birds paddle alongside Koi carp.
At the heart of these 13 hectares, this walk forms a real link between the land and the sea, the ocean and the marshes.
Preferably in the morning when nature awakens, you will come across local residents and runners enjoying this haven of peace. Continue your journey to the floating pontoon under the dual carriageway (be careful depending on the water level).

The little extra : along the way, depending on the time of year, thematic exhibitions make this circuit a real place to visit
  • #itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
  • #itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
  • #itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
Stage 2 – The Val Saint-Martin

On the other side of the dual carriageway, you follow the road on your left. At the end of the path, cross the pedestrian crossing and go up opposite to access the Val Saint-Martin site.
It takes about 1 hour to go around it completely. This pleasant place offers a fitness trail, games for children, a climbing wall... something to delight families and sports enthusiasts.
A little further, you arrive in a wooded area: advice to adventurers who would like to gain height on one of the tree climbing courses! The longest zip line passes over the pond.
In the shade of the trees, it is an ideal activity to regenerate!
Retrace your steps. 2 possibilities are available to you :
* that of going back under the dual carriageway to reach the Ria garden or
* continue on your way towards the Haute-Perche canal. Be careful, the walk takes about 2 hours longer
#itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
Step 3 – Stroll from one bank to the other

The Haute-Perche canal meanders from Chaumes-en-Retz towards the port of Pornic. This river, called the canal, was once used by boats, barges and small barges transporting various goods between the sea and the rural heart of the Pays de Retz (wood, tiles, fertilizers, wines, etc.).
After following the railway line, you can make a loop and go from one bank to the other.
On your way, you will discover a municipal fishery which can be visited during a “Meeting with our enthusiasts” entitled “The Haute-Perche river and its fisheries”.
A little further, overlooking the water, an imposing block of stone bears the name of Rocher Sainte-Hélène. This appellation originates from the Bonapartist convictions of the owner of the Basse-Cure at the end of the 19th century (a domain currently in ruins which was the former cure of the presbytery of Clion under the Ancien Régime). He came to moor his boat there every summer. On this portion, the area is shaded and would almost make you want to stop there for a nap break or a snack by the water.
Leave the rock behind you to reach the Clion bridge.
On the return road, turn left on Chemin de la Basse-Cure and take Rue des Nondales on the left, then the dirt road opposite. At the end, you walk along the railway line again and return to your initial route to the Ria.
  • #itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
  • #itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
  • #itinerairebis : Pornic je te quitte
Practical advice and our good plans :
  • The detailed information sheet for the circuit “Le canal de Haute-Perche (11.3 km) is available for download and in paper format at our 7 Tourist Offices.
  • The beginning (Jardin de la Ria) and the end of this circuit (Haute Perche canal, low cure sector) are accessible to all.
  • If you want to do this route by bike, go to our partner "Sea Bike and Sun" located on the old port of Pornic.
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