Located around 30 km east of Nantes, near the river Acheneau, the commune of Rouans is part of historic Brittany and traditional Pays de Retz. A thousand-year-old town enriched by river traffic, the exploitation of its marshes from the Middle Ages onwards and the passage of two Roman roads through its territory, Rouans is now famous for having been used as the setting for Jean-Loup Hubert's film "Le Grand Chemin".
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Rouans, a charming commune in the Pays de Retz region, nestles on the banks of the river Tenu, between the Loire and the ocean. Enriched by river traffic, the exploitation of its marshes since the Middle Ages and the passage of two Roman roads, it is also renowned for its ancestral "Foire à la Pie".

Do you recognise this beautiful church ? The Church of Saint-Martin. It was here that Jean-Loup Hubert's famous film "Le Grand Chemin" was shot in 1986. It tells the story of Louis, a 9-year-old Parisian, who is entrusted by his mother to Marcelle and Pélot, played by Anémone and Richard Bohringer, a couple of friends living in Rouans. Young Louis befriends Martine, the couple's daughter, and gradually discovers the joys and difficulties of country life.

Today, the film attracts tourists in the footsteps of Anémone and Richard Bohringer. In the heart of the village, the church's sumptuous rose window dating from the early 20th century may bring back a few memories...
Don't hesitate to take the Le Grand Chemin walking trail to follow in the footsteps of the actors and remember the scenes from the film ;)
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Along the water
As you stroll along the footpaths, you'll notice the importance of water in this area. The pretty Blanche and Acheneau rivers flow through the commune. But beware : in winter, nature reclaims its rights and some hamlets, like Messan, become islands.

Venture out to discover these hamlets and stop off at Buzon. This hamlet is one of the oldest in the Pays de Retz, and has retained its original structure with a central garden and beautiful stone houses all around.

In Rouans, the village of Launay is famous for its Pie fair. The monks of Buzay Abbey and their farmers used to sell livestock and horses... Even today, this fair brings together trades, know-how and furry and feathered show animals. Saint-Clément Day marks the beginning of winter. It is named after the monks' black and white habit, similar to the plumage of the magpie.
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For downhill mountainboarders, welcome to a safe, 100% natural setting !  The club organises introductory courses, supervises learning and organises events. It is affiliated to the Fédération Française de Roller et Skateboard.
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You've heard of the Pont de Messan, but have you ever been over the pretty little Buzon bridge ? Recently restored, this 1886 structure links Rouans to the commune of Cheix-en-Retz.
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Soline's favourites :

   1.Take a walk along the Grand Chemin circuit and remember the scenes from the film.
   2. Take in a slightly offbeat show at the Espace Cœur en Scène.
   3. Taste an unknown beer at the Cabarotier.
   4. Enjoy a delicious meal at Restaurant Le Grand Chemin.
Did you know ?

The history of Rouans is closely linked to the monks of Buzay Abbey. All that remains of this building today is the Tour de Buzay, the only vestige of the Cistercian abbey founded by Bernard de Clairvaux and burnt down during the French Revolution, during the Vendée Wars. The site is privately owned. It is not open to visitors, but its landscaped surroundings are magnificent.

Rouans in brief :
2993 inhabitants
37.73 km2 surface area
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GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.185482
Longitude : -1.8596410000000105