Vue, a small village built on an island between Nantes and Pornic, is a popular stop-off point on the way to your holiday destination. Few tourists stop here, and yet Vue hides a wealth of treasures.
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Privileged place for the observation of storks, they fly and rest in nests placed on trees or artificial perches. Take your binoculars and enjoy the show during a pleasant walk.

Vue is a rural town with strong historical imprints. Archaeological and historical remains are still visible, such as those of the Saint-Philibert church, as well as beautiful architecture dating from the 19th century. To learn all about the history of Vue, take the “Heritage from all points of view” interpretive circuit which will take you to see all the must-sees: the Church of Sainte-Anne, the old Merovingian cemetery, the Tenu river, etc.
Note that the town is known for its motocross circuit which hosts national championships.
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Soline's Favorites :

  1. Discover where the storks are hiding and photograph them…
  2. Equipped with your smartphone, set off with your family on the “Heritage from all points of view” circuit.
  3. Cheering bikers on the motocross circuit.
  4. Hike on the hillside circuit (13 km / 3h15), magnificent path lined with oaks and chestnut trees more than a hundred years old.

Did you know ?

During the Gallo-Roman era, the Gauls settled in the town and surrounded the town with fortifications, the "Murus gallicus". This survived until the 16th century.
“Brief” view :
  1590 inhabitants
  19.51 km2 of area
  450 hectares of marshes
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GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.198556
Longitude : -1.8829900000000634