Our winegrowers

Located in the heart of the Pays de Retz, between varied terroirs and the ocean, the
winegrowers of Destination Pornic offer a wide range of highly aromatic and fruity wines which
pair perfectly with seafood.
Renowned for their quality, the wines produced there include the prestigious AOP Muscadet
Côte de Grandlieu and several grape varieties in IGP (protection geographical indication) Val
de Loire-Pays de Retz such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlot and Gamay, as well as the
rarer Grolleau noir and gris. Do you want to find out more? Meet our winegrowers, Laurent
(Domaine de la Coche), Nicolas (Domaine du Sillon Côtier) and Arnaud (Domaine de la
Chapellerie) during a tour followed by a tasting session. Moments for sharing, tales of family
traditions, taste explosions, food and wine pairing suggestions... unique exchanges to be
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