Port aux Ânes beach

  • Plage de Port aux Anes
  • Plage de Port aux Anes
  • Plage de Port aux Anes, à droite
Plage de Port aux AnesPlage de Port aux AnesPlage de Port aux Anes, à droite


The beach at Port aux Ânes, an original spot in Préfailles that might just surprise you !
* Where is it ?
Port aux Ânes beach borders the neighbouring commune of Préfailles, known as La Plaine-sur-Mer, to which it belonged several years ago.
* Funny name for a beach, isn't it ?
During the years when the train arrived in Préfailles (early 20th century), various races were organised. There were swimming races, bicycle races and, above all, donkey races. In fact, these were the most fun of all, and we wouldn't miss them for the world !
So maybe, with a bit of imagination, you could meet these famous donkeys !
* Why go there ?
Come on, don't be stubborn! There's no need to put the carrot at the end of the stick. The beach at Port aux Ânes is perfect :

- To try your hand at fishing on foot, as it's an excellent playground for finding shellfish and other crustaceans - Interested? Click here for our top tips to make sure you don't come back empty-handed.
- To enjoy a moment of idleness and relaxation with your feet in the water if you stay at the La Prée campsite, just a few metres above the beach.
- If you moor your boat at the Port de Plaisance de Préfailles, you can get there quickly and easily.
- To take a break from walking along the GR8 (customs path) or cycling along the Vélocéan route: these 2 routes border the beach at Port aux Ânes.
- Or enjoy a sea view while eating at the picnic area set up on site. And for more comfort at the table, Pointe Saint-Gildas has several restaurants in the vicinity of the beach. Find them by clicking here.
* Finally, the essentials for making the most of this place :

- Bags and other useful accessories during your stay.
- The essential fishing tools to bring back treasures from the sea.
- Literature to read on the sand and find out more about our region.
- Not forgetting the galettes St Michel and other regional delicacies that are always useful during a gourmet break.
    • Beach and dunes
  • PETS :
    • Pets allowed from October to May
    • Sand
    • Rocks
    • Medium height differential of the beach
  • TOWN :
    • Préfailles
    • No shower
    • Bathing not supervised



Plage de Port aux Ânes
Chemin du Port aux Ânes
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.14119
Longitude : -2.23491
  • Distance from the center (church ) :
    • 10,5 km. from the center of Pornic
    • 500 m. from the center of Préfailles
    • less than 1 Km. from the center
  • Distance from the bus stop :
    • 700 Distance meters from the bus stop line 3 ( Nantes-Préfailles )
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Port aux Ânes beach
Chemin du Port aux Ânes