Biking in Chaumes-en-Retz

Take your bike, feel the wind blowing from your hair, let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the landscape and discover ... What can we dream of better? Let yourself be seduced by the attractions of a simple happiness ... During a hilly circuit through the town of Chaumes-en-Retz, open the eye, admire the beauty of the picturesque villages and notice the incredible vegitation galloping at the edge of the paths ... Along the Canal de Haute-Perche, Inhale ... Exhale ... Enjoy a calm and a great freshness to relax.
  • :
    • 7,8 Km
    • Place of departure Parc de loisirs, rue de la Blanche (Chéméré)
  • :
    • 10,5 Km
    • Place of departure Aire de pique-nique du plan d’eau de la Sicaudais


  • Very easy
  • Cycle touring
  • Pedestrian
  • :
    • 14,1 Km
    • Place of departure Village de Haute Perche, pont du canal