Biking in Chauvé

Cycling for kilometers, feeling free like air, imbibing images and unforgettable memories ... In the heart of the Pays de Retz countryside, in a natural and green setting, let yourself be carried away by the incredible beauty of landscapes. Fauna & flora, marshes, mills, old hamlets or remarkable menhirs witnesses of the human presence await you ... Take a break, take the time to discover the preserved historical and cultural heritage, breathe, you are in the municipality of Chauvé ...
  • :
    • 15 Km
    • Place of departure Aire de pique-nique de la Pauvredrie
  • :
    • 9 Km
    • Place of departure Aire de pique-nique de La Pauvredrie, route de St Pierre
  • :
    • 14,6 Km
    • Place of departure Parc de Loisirs de Chauvé, 7 rue de la Chantrie
    • Place of departure La Maison du Parc