10 good reasons to enjoy winter on Pornic Destination !

Plage de la Birochère
1) Fill up on sea spray

In winter, there are those who head off to the snow as soon as the first flakes appear, facing long queues at the ski lifts and ski runs... and there are those who abandon all management of ski equipment reservations, lessons, lift passes and take to the road towards the Côte de Jade to breathe in winter at the top of their lungs.

There's nothing more invigorating than a nice walk along the seafront, on the beach at the foot of the fisheries or along the customs path. The Pointe Saint Gildas, the Dunes du Collet, the Marais de Lyarne... wide-open spaces, exceptional sites, a guaranteed change of scenery.

Enough to get you out of your daily routine and give you a boost !
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3) Pedal facing the ocean
Equip yourself with a warm coat, gloves, scarf, hat, bike... and off you go for a good dose of escape, freedom, silence, vitamin D... all with a view of the ocean.

Choose the section of the Vélodyssée or Vélocéan that suits you best, and set off to discover our most beautiful coastal landscapes : small coves of red sand, long beaches of fine sand, salt marshes, dunes, fisheries in succession or isolated...
You'll see, the sea in winter is full of magic, and nature will always surprise you !

More info : our bike rental companies and our bike itineraries with sea view
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4) Exercise... yes, but gently ;-)

Longe-côte or "coastal aqua-walking" is a fun sport that gently works all parts of the body. A sequence of steps, active to fast-paced walking using arms and legs, abdominal exercises, thighs, backs, deep muscles, sheathing, sports and fun games...
The benefits of working out in the water combined with the pleasure of being in the sea, facing the beautiful Tharon coast at the foot of the fisheries or the golden rocks of La Bernerie-en-Retz.

More info : where to practice longe-côte in Destination Pornic
St Michel Café, Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef
5) Enjoy a warm snack

After braving the cold, imagine the comforting power of a cup of tea or hot chocolate accompanied by sweet treats.

Sea view, garden view, surrounded by books or comfortably seated in a 1930s art deco décor... all you have to do is choose, or try them all!

More info : our tea rooms
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6) Fill up on vitamins, micronutrients and minerals

Oysters, whelks, periwinkles, scallops, shrimps... what better way to recharge your batteries ! It's no secret that eating seafood in winter is good for your health !
They are rich in micronutrients such as copper, iron, fluorine, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, and their mineral content is also very interesting, particularly for calcium, iodine, magnesium and sodium.

More info : all our good iodine addresses

7) Pleasures for the eyes and palate

Take advantage of the festive season to find 100% local gift ideas, take the time to meet our local producers and discover new flavours and delicacies.

Eating well is important, but eating locally means encouraging short supply chains and promoting the work and know-how of the men and women who preserve our natural and cultural heritage on a daily basis !

More info : Destination Pornic's local producers
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8) Play

Ahhh, board games, treasure hunts, escape games with family or friends, unique moments to refocus and recuperate simple pleasures... Whatever the location or the weather, you'll always find an original game to try out in Destination Pornic :

Playing at home : we recommend that you meet our board game specialists : Thomas from "Sur la Route du jeu" (Sainte-Pazanne) and Caroline from "La Boutique du Jouet" (Pornic).

Play outdoors : if you prefer outdoor action, try out the "7-12 year-old walking rallies" and "13 year-old walking rallies" to discover Pornic, or the outdoor escape games offered by Turing Escape Game.

Indoor activities : surprising settings, intrigue, challenges... visit Exitime or Laser Dream in Pornic.
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9) Relaxation and cocooning

Reconnect with the natural elements, the water, the sea and all its benefits... take time for yourself, to recharge your batteries and regain all your energy... let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves on the spring beach while watching the sky turn pink and set on the horizon... Wahou, THE PLACE TO BE !

Take advantage of one, two days, a weekend or a week's thalassotherapy treatment to relax and unwind !

More info : our 5 ideas for a stay at the Thalasso de Pornic
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10) A comforting, gourmet brunch

If you like to sleep in, or if you're looking for a generous, comforting meal in the face of winter's onslaught, here are our gourmet addresses for a good brunch !
French toast, topped pancakes, bread, jams, cheeses, charcuterie, smoothies, hot drinks, scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit salad... so which restaurant should we start with ?

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