4 seasons full of charm

Summer, autumn, winter and spring... 4 perfect times to explore Destination Pornic and fall under its spell.

45 km of coastline, a jade-colored sea, Noirmoutier in front of us, golden sandy coves and beaches, several hiking trails... It's always the same scene, a landscape we know, but which never ceases to surprise and amaze us with each passing season.

The autumn orange of Bois Roy in Saint Michel-Chef-Chef,
the iodized taste of a dish of moules frites in La Plaine-sur-Mer... a summertime must,
the different shades of green of the Marais de Lyarne in Les Moutiers-en-Retz,
the sweet red of strawberry picking at La Fraiseraie in Pornic,
the springtime yellow of the Lande des Ajoncs in flower at Préfailles,
the magnificent blue fishery of Tharon on a winter's evening...

... Destination Pornic is a festival of colors, essences, flavors and beautiful landscapes to discover and rediscover in every season.