4 seasons full of charm

Summer, autumn, winter and spring ... 4 special moments to travel the Destination Pornic and fall under its spell.

45 km of coast, a jade-colored sea, Noirmoutier facing us, coves and beaches of golden sand, several hiking trails ... It's always the same scene, a landscape that we know, but that does not stop to surprise us and amaze us with the seasons.

The autumnal orange of the Forêt de Princé at Chéméré,
the iodized taste of a good dish of mussels fries in La Plaine-sur-Mer ... a must in the summer,
he different shades of green from the Lyarne marsh to Moutiers-en-Retz,
the sweet red of picking strawberries at La Fraiseraie de Pornic,
the spring yellow of the Gorse Moor in flower at Préfailles,
the beautiful blue Tharon fishinghut on a winter evening ...

... Destination Pornic is a festival of colors, essences, flavors, beautiful landscapes to discover and rediscover each season.