Rent fishing hut

Leave dry land, cross the wooden footbridge and see the sea beneath your feet. Open the door of this pretty cabin on stilts, go in and then... feel cut off from the stressworld, on an island. The immensity of the sea, the noise of the waves and the square fishing net which is just waiting for you to start fishing: that happiness !

You want to sin in an unusual way from the funny stilt huts of the Destination Pornic? Enjoy your stay with family or friends to introduce you to plaice fishing and rent a fishery for a day or a weekend !

A way to enjoy a moment of relaxation and leisure, in a fun and educational way! All with a magnificent view of the Loire estuary!


+33 2 40 21 66 44
+33 2 40 21 52 52 LA PLAINE SUR MER