La Plaine-sur-Mer

Located 25 km south of Saint-Nazaire, between Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef in the north, Pornic in the east and La Pointe Saint-Gildas in the south, La Plaine-sur-Mer is a small town located on the coast of Jade. True haven of peace between sea and countryside, it abounds with an important diversity of landscapes. A lively and attractive seaside, a peaceful countryside, a pleasant town center and landscaped ...
La Plaine-sur-Mer, fishermen's paradise on foot, has so much to offer you ...!
  • La plage du Cormier à la Plaine-sur-Mer
  • Pêcherie La Plaine sur Mer
  • Equipage Baudet
  • Les Moules de Bouchot
La Plaine-sur-Mer offers incredible panoramic views of the Côte de Jade, the Loire estuary and Saint-Nazaire.In the distance, the bridge over the Loire, the longest in France (3356m). Further south, the endless ocean...

It's here that Mathieu Guibert, the two-starred chef of the Anne de Bretagne hotel and restaurant, has chosen to invite you on a culinary and gastronomic journey that's 100% ocean-fresh, local and full of great stories. A child of the Pays de Retz, Mathieu Guibert's philosophy is simple: "To make a meal a feast for the senses and a moment of shared pleasure".

An iodised, vitamin-packed interlude

La Plaine-sur-Mer is renowned for its bouchot mussels, which are used in a wide variety of dishes by numerous restaurateurs and are a treat for everyone!
Produced for several generations, the bouchot mussel has its own name: "La Plainaise". The local production, which represents 50% of that of the Pays de la Loire region, is unloaded at the Port de Gravette by professionals. A little extra: discover the educational terrace that Florence, from Equipage Baudet, has set up to teach you all about the life cycle of mussels and the job of a mussel farmer.
  • Pêcherie La Plaine sur Mer
  • La pêche à pied à la Plaine sur Mer

La Plaine: a fisherman's paradise

Six beaches dot the coast of La Plaine.Lovers of fishing will be delighted by these pretty spots teeming with shellfish and other crustaceans. When the sea recedes, put on your boots and basket in hand, and set off for some "miraculous" fishing... even if you're not a real specialist.Just make sure you follow good fishing practice !
You'll notice a number of huts along the coast - these are fishing huts. Yes, you can fish on foot, but you can also fish on stilts! In fact, if you feel like it, the Tourist Office rents out the Govogne fishing hut for the duration of a tide.
Balade à vélo à La Plaine sur Mer
La Plaine-sur-Mer is also a great place for coastal and country walks. Hiking is a great way to discover the natural and historical heritage of the area, full of anecdotes and little nuggets of information.
From the town centre to the countryside, or along the coast to soak up the sea spray, La Plaine-sur-Mer is sure to offer you a rejuvenating natural experience!
  • La Spiruline de Retz
  • La Spiruline de Retz

We're off to La Ferme des Roseaux to meet Marion and Hugo.

Thanks to a sunny climate and unspoilt countryside, this couple, who have been living on the plains since they were young, grow French Country Spirulina from March to October on their farm. This microalgae is naturally rich in proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and is a food with nutritional qualities that are suitable for everyone. Their farming methods allow for low-temperature drying to bring you an exceptional product.

A veritable treasure trove of nature with unequalled nutritional virtues, spirulina is a champion microalga for its protein and mineral (iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.) content. It also contains all the essential amino acids, powerful antioxidants (beta-carotene, chlorophyll, phycocyanine) and numerous vitamins. Spirulina tones the body, stimulates the immune system, balances the body and compensates for deficiencies.

Since 2019, Hugo has also been harvesting seaweed (sea lettuce, sea beans and dulse, etc.) locally, according to the tides and seasons, and offering healthy, high-quality products. It's a free, ultra-exciting visit... one to add to your list of discoveries!

Did you know?

    La Plaine-sur-Mer and Préfailles used to form a single commune known as "La Plaine". In 1908, they became independent of each other when Préfailles, with its rich ferruginous spring and its first spa visitors, decided to develop its seaside attractions.
    The coat of arms of La Plaine-sur-Mer is made up of 6 fish, but what do they represent? There are 6 fish to represent the six beaches of La Plaine-sur-Mer.

Claudia, Lise and Alexa's favourites :

Claudia: Discovering local products like Spirulina de Retz, visiting the farm and talking to the producer; enjoying a fishing charter with family or friends, admiring the Loire estuary and its changing colours.

Lise: Taking a leisurely bike ride along the byways, contemplating the flora and fauna in the company of a lovely ray of sunshine. Taking a break in the Lakas garden, in a shady spot in the heart of nature. Stroll along the coast to admire the sunset reflected on the water and the pretty rocks.

Alexa: Enjoying a good meal by the sea from our local producers. Great restaurants, accommodation and spots to discover. Coming to La Plaine-sur-Mer means enjoying a peaceful life, savouring the products of the Retz Spirulina ...
  • La Spiruline de Retz
  • Pêcherie La Plaine sur Mer
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