Préfailles, kayak ride on the ocean at sunset

Kayak à Préfailles
Notice to athletes AND romantics !
We have the right plan to share a moment suspended off Pointe Saint-Gildas. Unforgettable moments guaranteed !
Pointe Saint-Gildas de Préfailles : a breathtaking panorama !
The ocean as far as the eye can see, a very indented coast and an area of ​​11.5 ha classified as a Regional Nature Reserve.
Best known fo r:
* a walk,
* a storm near the pier of the port of Préfailles
* from the top of the Semaphore museum space...
You can discover it, by kayak, from the Atlantic Ocean, when the last rays of the sun skim the waves.

Step 1 - Anse du Sud, starting point

The beach of Anse du Sud really has a taste of vacation !
We meet a few surfers and families there. In a still wild natural area, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Perfect to start the evening and leave for an Atlantic adventure….
The little extra : parking is free
Step 2 - See the Roche Percée

Before heading towards the Pointe, head for the Grande Plage de Préfailles by the ocean. You will meet our famous “stone elephant”. A natural emblem, the Roche Percée takes its nickname from its atypical shape.
Along the cornice, the “Ladies of the coast”, these villas of yesteryear which are part of the history of the resort, observe you and watch over you. In turn, take the time to admire their late 19th and early 20th century seaside architecture.

But be careful, don't linger too long! Here, navigation can be a bit technical as different currents cross between the rocky plateaus.
You can therefore paddle independently but also call on Florent, our qualified Kayak Nomade guide.


Step 3 - We enjoy the sunset

It is time to turn around towards Pointe Saint-Gildas.
Outstanding rower or apprentice paddler, glide on the water to conquer the horizon. In sight, the rocky outcrop takes shape... A few more paddle strokes... and that's it, you're there !
Off the coast, the time has come to enjoy a suspended moment.
You will be happy to put down your paddles to peacefully admire the twilight.
Feeling of freedom guaranteed until sunset !

So ready for an iodized stroll ?
Practical advice and our good plans

* You want to stay longer to enjoy this charming village, the Préfailles accommodation and restaurants will welcome you with pleasure.
* Florent de Kayak Nomade offers you various kayak trips to discover the coast of Pornic or Plain, but also the Haute Perche canal for a peaceful and exotic trip during the day. To book it is here.
* Pointe Saint-Gildas, History is deeply rooted! Ancestral navigation route, shipwrecks and the Second World War… to be discovered at the Semaphore museum space.
* Fauvette Pitchou, maritime Pipit, or spiny Quillwort, the fauna and flora will have no more secrets for you. Follow the guided tours of the curator of the RNR.
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