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See below for the whole list of restaurants present présents in the 8 towns of the Destination Pornic. By selecting criteria of your choice on the left headband of the page, you can narrow your search and find quickly the restaurant you are looking for.
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+33 2 40 21 82 03 PORNIC
Traditional cooking and pizzas -prepared by Olivier- on the marina.
+33 2 51 74 08 08 PORNIC
L'Auberge de la Fontaine aux Bretons is an unavoidable place for the visitors looking for authenticity. The  sea, earth, and garden products have the first place on the ...
+33 2 40 39 48 38 PORNIC
The idea is very simple and natural : a chain of restaurants based on fresh products , prepared in front of you . An authentic and traditional cooking with real products of the ...
+33 2 40 21 99 07 PORNIC
Who's never heard about the "Bout du" located on the Marina of La Noëveillard ??!!! an institution which made a new look and has a new staff.  The chef prepares delici...
+33 2 40 21 50 13 LA PLAINE SUR MER
This restaurant with panoramic sea views offers dishes prepared seafood fresh.
+33 2 51 74 29 36 PORNIC
The Bay of bourgneuf as a skyline and the delight of delicious crepes and buckwheat pancakes in front of the ocean .... panoramic terrace !! Amazing view, friendly welcome, and ...