Located 60 km from Nantes, between Saint Brévin-Les-Pins and La Plaine-sur-Mer, impossible to pass by Saint Michel Chef-Chef without being challenged by the scent of butter, cakes, cookies ... and yes, this is the city of the famous Saint Michel biscuits !

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A real gourmet stopover during your stay in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, take note of our sweet addresses: the Saint Michel workshop and the St Michel Café. 

More than 200 references of cakes and biscuits, nice gift boxes... but also a warm and cocooning café to enjoy a hot drink and a pastry from the St Michel house.
With its 4.5 km of fine sand and its beautiful family beaches, the Grande plage de Tharon and the plage de la Roussellerie, there are plenty of good times to be had with family and friends. Surfers, bodyboarders, paragliders and kitesurfers will find Gohaud beach their favourite spot. 

At the time of the high tides, the sea withdraws very far and it is then the paradise of the fishermen on foot: mussels, winkles, cockles and shrimps. Freshwater fishing is practised in the Gâtineaux pond (reserved for experienced fishermen from the Gaule Tharonnaise and those in possession of a fishing permit).

The large square net fisheries, an essential part of our coastal heritage, are revealed at low tide. The favourite of photographers and Instagramers? The blue fishery of Tharon-plage... a real source of inspiration in any season and at any time of the day.
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Lovers of nature, wide open spaces and wooded sites can discover the Terres Rouges, the Bois Roy and the Michelois countryside on foot or by bike.
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Alexa and Marie-Charlotte's favourites

Marie-Charlotte: La Ferme Gineau and its farm shop "La Pause Locale" which allows you to discover various small local producers. 

Alexa: I love hiking and walking in the fresh air and Destination Pornic is the perfect place for me. The beauty and diversity of the paths are amazing. The coastal path is 100% iodised in all seasons and the inland loops allow you to discover the richness of the countryside: fauna and flora of course, but also the small villages, the mills (even if they have lost their wings), the Gâtineaux pond, the windmills, etc. Each walk is full of sensations!

Our answer to your favourite question: "Why Chef Chef?

Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef was formerly called Saint-Michel du Chevecier and depended on the Duchy of Retz. Jean de Malestroit, appointed bishop of Nantes in 1419, acquired this parish from Gilles de Retz. By consulting the municipal archives and the parish registers, we can see that different spellings have occurred at different times. These changes are apparently due to different pronunciations and the fanciful transcriptions of scribes. From the 11th to the 16th century, we can see: Chevecier, Chevechier, Chevescier, Chevescher, Cheveché, etc. These names changed with the introduction of the letter F and we then see Chevechef and Chef-cier appear. From 1630 to 1673, Chevechef was in common use. Chefchef or Chef-Chef then appeared. On 16 Nivôse Year II (1792), in order to comply with a decree of the Convention which ordered the communes to change their respective names if they recalled memories of royalty, feudalism and superstition, the Council decided to stick to the name of Chef-Chef. Then, on the first pluviôse year II (1793), it is decided to name the commune: Les Sablons. Finally, on 12 Brumaire Year IV (1794), the Municipal Council decided, at the request of the citizens, to take back the name of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef.

Saint Michel-Chef-Chef in brief:
5,173 inhabitants
2,515 hectares
4.5 km of coastline
Route planner towards
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.182298
Longitude : -2.148009000000002