Top 5 markets to try this summer

Top 5 markets to try this summer

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The sun is shining  and the invigorating sea air is whetting your appetite   It's summer, and where we come from, it's synonymous with flavour and conviviality... Local producers and artisans welcome you and share their passion for the Pays de Retz way of life.
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The gourmet market at the Ferme de la Fradouillère

Imagine yourself at the end of a sunny day, between the sea and the countryside  at the Moutiers-en-Retz market. The air is mild, and it's the perfect time to share an aperitif on the terrace or a freshly prepared dinner with local produce. Just the thing, on Mondays in summer, several producers are on hand at the Ferme de la Fradouillère gourmet market from 5pm to 8pm!

Fresh local produce for you to enjoy 

Pass from one stall to another and let yourself be tempted by the delights of the land, from the heady aromas of Domaine des Sylphes wines to the creamy ice creams and sorbets of Délices de l'Air Marin. It's decided, tonight it's going to be spreads, sheep's milk cheeses and charcuterie accompanied by a good glass of local wine... (to be drunk in moderation). And don't forget dessert: yoghurt ice cream with a red fruit coulis from Petits Fruits de la Baie. There's no better way to cool off 

Entertainment for young and old

While you're sampling the specialities of our local producers, the little ones can enjoy pony  rides offered by the Centre hippique de la Mer. There's also a mini-farm where you can meet the animals of the countryside.
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Pornic and its colourful local markets

In the height of summer, as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, fresh produce and local crafts take over the stalls in Pornic. One thing's for sure, there's no shortage of markets in this pretty town on the Côte de Jade... 
On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, you'll find fresh local produce at the Birochère and Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer markets. On Thursday and Sunday mornings, don't miss the one in Pornic. You'll also find a host of producers and artisans lining the quays along the old port on Tuesday and Saturday evenings in summer: a unique opportunity to stroll between the stalls while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the old town.

 Our favourite :
The Pornic market, of course: a historic landmark and a must-see for food lovers ! At the heart of the market, the Halles de Pornic is a charming building dating back to 1609. Completely renovated in 2000, the stalls are now open only on market days, making them a must-see if you want to discover this Pornic jewel.
In addition to the convivial Halles, Pornic's market extends into the narrow streets and onto the Place de la Terrace in summer. It's a real ode to local flavours, with a wide selection of fresh produce from local producers.
  • market organic produce seasonal vegetables farm pornic - © Mélanie Chaigneau
  • market organic produce seasonal vegetables farm pornic - © Mélanie Chaigneau
  • market organic produce seasonal vegetables farm pornic - © Elise Fournier
  • market organic produce seasonal vegetables farm pornic - © Mélanie Chaigneau

Sunshine for your taste buds : the Ferme de la Fontaine market is waiting for you !

Summer is setting in, and with it the gourmet pleasures of open-air markets. The Ferme de la Fontaine invites you to enjoy an authentic and friendly experience every Thursday evening in July and August, from 5pm to 8pm.

Fresh, tasty produce 

The Ferme de la Fontaine market is above all a unique opportunity to meet local producers. Passionate and generous, they'll share their know-how with you and reveal the secrets of their exceptional products. As well as the delicious summer fruit and vegetables   on offer at the Ecodomaine, you'll find fruit, berries and syrups from Les petits fruits de la baie, seaweed spreads from Echos Nature, spirulina from the Cabane à Spiruline and craft beer from d'Ici l'aurore brewery 

A moment to relax and share with the family

Take advantage of the refreshment area to enjoy a cool drink with friends or family. Meanwhile, the little ones can enjoy the wooden games or come and say hello to the pigs, geese, hens, guinea pigs, rabbits... all freely accessible in the Eco-domaine micro-farm.
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Tharon-Plage: a summer punctuated by the flavours of the market !

As soon as the hot summer weather arrives, the Tharon-Plage market comes alive, becoming an essential meeting place for locals and holidaymakers every Tuesday and Friday morning.

Fresh local produce galore

The stalls are packed with seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish  tasty cheeses, gourmet pastries and many other delights. Among our exceptional producers, you'll find a wide selection of artisan cheeses from the Beillevaire cheese dairy, which will go perfectly with sausage, ham or pork rillettes from the Bernier charcuterie : an aperitif board just the way we like them 

For a gourmet break on site

Large tables are set up in the heart of the market, inviting you to savour your finds on the spot. Accompanied by a glass of fresh local wine (to be drunk in moderation), make the most of this convivial moment in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef. Destination Pornic is a great place to live!
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The traditional market in La Bernerie-en-Retz

Right in the heart of La Bernerie-en-Retz, under the Halles de la Chaussée du Pays de Retz, the food market is a veritable institution. Every Tuesday and Friday morning, it livens up the streets of La Bernerie, often accompanied by live bands, and attracts visitors in search of our local treasures.

A festival for the senses

As soon as you arrive, a symphony of scents will whet your appetite. Freshly caught fish and shellfish  tasty meats  vibrantly coloured seasonal fruit and vegetables  A real feast for the eyes and taste buds. Be sure to visit the Bernier charcuterie and the Beillevaire cheese dairy, also present at this market.

A wide choice to suit all tastes

Whether you're looking for ingredients to concoct a tasty meal or unique artisanal products, you're bound to find what you're looking for at this market. Clothes, decorative items, gourmet products - there's something to suit every taste and budget. It's a real invitation to discover the expertise of our region.
  • market organic produce seasonal vegetables farm pornic - © DR

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