Destination Pornic, a territory of rivers !

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Depending on the place you choose, go by kayak, canoe but also in a pedal boat or even an electric boat.
Each navigable river in Destination Pornic offers a different experience.
On the water, the angle of view on the agricultural lands, the fauna and the flora is completely different. Depending on the height of the banks and the perspective that your walk will offer you, the landscapes will not have the same atmosphere
Embark and let yourself be surprised by our destination while enjoying the tranquility of the place.
Canal de Haute-Perche
Les rives du territoire

Proposal 1 – Le Tenu

Taking its source in Touvois, Le Tenu (35 km long) crosses the south of the Loire-Atlantique to reach the Acheneau at Port-Saint-Père. It is a narrow, wild and well treed river. Its particularity is to flow in both directions. Its elevation is so low (40 cm from end to end) that its course can be reversed when sufficiently high tides influence the level of the Loire.
Navigation once allowed the traffic and trade in wheat, wine and other foodstuffs, and all kinds of materials and goods that were brought to Nantes. Its navigation is now more complicated.
Along its banks houses with pretty gardens, small wooden pontoons but you can also observe cows, sheep and horses….
At Port-Saint-Père, fishermen cast their line and wait patiently for it to bite... so no noise and watch out for the hooks !
You are then no longer on the Tenu but on the Acheneau, easier for navigation.
Activités de rivières

Proposal 2 – The Acheneau

A few more strokes of paddles, oars or agility aboard your electric boat and you arrive at La Morinière. You will fall under the charm of this old port of transit of goods.
We do not suspect its natural wealth. You will come across the furtive flight of a water hen, the elegance of a gray heron, an egret or even the dive of a kingfisher.
A short distance away, Port Hamoneau is the ideal setting for an end of the day at sunset for a picnic with friends. This port, very active in the 19th century, is today a paradise for fishermen.
A little further, a shed on its stilts: we contemplate nature from above. Continue your journey and in Cheix-en-Retz, see the Pierre Tremblante. It is balanced on several other rocks. Located on a hiking trail, walkers sometimes manage to make it move!
To know everything and if you don't have any equipment, Escapade Nature is what you need! Alexis will give you advice and you can rent kayaks, pedal boats but also small electric boats (without a license) as easy to maneuver as they are silent and ecological.
The little extra of Escapade Nature : after enjoying the calm of nature, come and take up the challenge, with family, friends or even colleagues, with the "adventurers' challenge". As a team, you will compete in fun, sporting or logic events to try to win the totem.
Kayak à Port-Saint-Père
Canal de Haute-Perche

Proposition 3 – The Haute-Perche canal

The Haute-Perche canal meanders from Chaumes-en-Retz towards the port of Pornic. Despite its small size, this river, called the canal, was once used by boats, barges and small barges transporting various goods between the rural heart of the Pays de Retz and the ocean (wood, tiles, fertilizers, wines, etc.).
It was one of the main entrances to the city of Pornic. Navigation proved easier than impassable land routes in winter. The development project known as the "ria" today brings back the memory of the importance of this entrance to the city.
Sail on this canal in the heart of the Pornic countryside, solo or following the guide. Florent de Kayak Nomade offers you lovely walks between bocage, fisheries and forest. An ideal natural site for observing the flora and fauna by kayak.
You will see an imposing block of stone, overhanging the water. It bears the name of Rocher Sainte-Hélène. This appellation originates from the Bonapartist convictions of the owner of the Basse-Cure at the end of the 19th century (a domain currently in ruins which was the former cure of the presbytery of Clion under the Ancien Régime). He came to moor his boat there every summer.
On this portion, the area is shaded and would almost make you want to stop there for a nap break or a snack by the water.

So, ready for a soothing and rewarding river trip?
Le canal de Haute-Perche
Idée séjour à Pornic : En Kayak au fil de l'eau

Practical advice and our good plans

  • Kayak outings: Florent from Kayak Nomade offers you various outings to discover the Haute-Perche canal as well as the prefailles or La Plaine coast. To book it's here
  • Want to extend your getaway?
    Check out our 3-day/2-night "By kayak, along the river" break.
  • Bike tours : would you like to cycle along or near these rivers ? Easy ! There is in particular the circuit “Le Grand Chemin” (20.2 km) in Rouans, that of the “Canal de Haute-Perche” (11.3 km) in Pornic or even “Les Chênes” (7.8 km ) in Chaumes-en-Retz.
    And to rent a bike, click here !
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