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Découvrir Pornic en paddle avec Romain

Natif du Pays ou tombé sous le charme de la Destination Pornic lors d'un séjour? Durant ma scolarité, Pornic fut la destination de mes vacances pendant de nombreux étés. Au fil des années, j'ai pu découvrir et explorer cette belle région. C'est tout naturellement qu'après tous mes voyages j'ai posé mes valises ici. Le paddle et toi...  J'ai commencé le paddle en Australie, en 2014, pour observer et suivre des petits groupes de dauphins lors de mes sessions surf.   

They made Destination Pornic shine in 2019

The Bed and Breakfast La Rêverie (Pornic) has been selected as the most beautiful guest house in France 2019 by the Gîtes de France label. Refined atmosphere, decoration filled with softness, terrace and swimming pool in a relaxing setting, this house reflects good taste! The architecture and its architectural codes underline the seaside spirit of Pornic from the end of the 19th century, in contemporary comfort with refined spaces. The must: Henri and Geneviève share with passion our beautiful Destination Pornic.

Meet Mickaël-Ange Véron – SEA BIKE & SUN

Is cycling a hobby you discovered at an early age? I got into cycling when I was 6, during competitions at national level. I had to make a choice to finish my studies, and I stopped competitive cycling. I didn’t completely give up going riding though. I’ve made sure bikes have remained part of my life. I was the cycle manager in a sports shop. What made you decide to set up your business in Pornic? Two things. The first was purely for business reasons. People are increasingly finding enjoyment in cycling, whether for outings or for getting about. In Pornic I wanted to provide a local service, with high-quality products. The second draw is the quality of life that I no longer experienced while working in Nantes. I like the town of Pornic, I love the harbour…    ...

Pornic à vos couleurs !

A la rencontre de Bivan, artiste peintre pornicaise
Et c'est avec grand plaisir que nous profitons de cette occasion pour vous présenter Bivan Depuis combien de temps vivez-vous sur la Destination Pornic ? Je vis à Pornic depuis 2012, huit années de découverte de la côte et de mon environnement.   D'où êtes-vous originaire ? Je suis née et ai fait mes études à Paris mais j'ai très vite quitté la capitale pour différentes villes comme Marseille, Castres, Toulouse, Bordeaux..   Dites-en nous un peu plus sur ces croquis de la ville de Pornic... Quand je suis arrivée à Pornic par hasard, venant en vélo par les chemins de bord de Loire, j'ai été prise par les odeurs, algues, vase, iode, sel... cela m'a ravie. J'ai retrouvé des sensations de mon enfance liées à l’océan. Dès que l’émotion est là, je ressen...

Interview Mathieu Guibert

Tell us how you came to the Anne de Bretagne establishment? "I’m originally from Saint Michel-Chef-Chef. I got to travel a lot because of my training and career but I never cut my ties to my region. My family and friends are here as well as all the bonds I was able to forge by being heavily involved in community life. After meeting Philippe Vételé and visiting the establishment in September 2015, it all seemed so obvious and simple. This house has a humanity which I like with which I'll be able to properly champion local produce and the Pays de Retz."

Bring your bucket and put on your boots, we'll go explore the beach at low tide

Andréa, shore fishing in three words? " Childhood, family and self-indulgence. I have always lived by the sea. When I was little, I often went fishing on the weekend for clams, periwinkles or prawns with my grandparents, I enjoyed helping my grandma in the kitchen at lunchtime. I just loved delicious bread with butter. For me, shore fishing has always been an activity like any other (like gardening), but full of wonderful shared experiences ".

Laurent Guitteny, Independent winegrower since 2000

Laurent Guitteny, vigneron indépendant à Sainte Pazanne
You work on the estate with your cousin and you have been winegrowers for two generations. Is it a vocation? Yes, I see it as the natural continuation of my family history if you like. I grew up in the vineyards besides my father and uncle. As a small child, I helped with the bottling by hand, the minor tasks, etc. when I was old enough to be able to help with pruning the vines, I remember naturally repeating the actions that I had seen carried out.