On foot in Port-Saint-Père

Like a little savannah in the middle of the Destination Pornic ...
Lovers of large areas, take your binoculars and go for your safari ... on foot!
The slogans? Open your eyes ! Will you have the chance to meet the eyes of a herd of impalas or other kings of the savannah?
Let yourself be surprised and share intense emotions with family or friends, while walking, during your walks, the famous Safari Parc Planète Sauvage ...

  • :
    • 73 Km
    • Place of departure Passay - La Chevrolière
  • :
    • 5,6 Km
    • Place of departure Gare de Port-Saint-Père
  • :
    • 6,6 Km
    • Place of departure Parking du Lieu-dit Le Fief Saint-Mars