Destination Pornic in spring

Destination Pornic comes alive in spring

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Pornic is a must-see spring destination for those looking for a relaxing and refreshing getaway. Nature is a talented artist: the colours of the rainbow are all around us ! 
With its breathtaking scenery, varied activities, delicious local cuisine and warm welcome, Pornic is ready to welcome you for an unforgettable spring experience. Discover all that our charming region has to offer in spring !


Spring returns to Destination Pornic

Spring, the season of renewal! Discover the beautiful landscapes and enjoyable activities that this time of year offers visitors in search of relaxation, natural beauty and coastal adventures. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy sailing, kayaking and many other water activities. 

 The colour blue comes to mind for...
  • stretches of blueberries in meadows and undergrowth
  • first feet in the water ;-) 
  • the colour of the old wooden hulls in the old port of Pornic. A date not to be missed! 
  • the first outdoor aperitifs aboard the Fleur des Ondes or on the beach, facing the ocean. 
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Destination Pornic, a paradise for nature lovers

Spring transforms Pornic and the surrounding area into a living tableau, with its lush landscapes coming back to life after the winter. Buds burst into bloom  and gardens bloom in brilliant colours, while coastal paths offer spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean . For nature lovers, this is the ideal time to discover the biological diversity of this unspoilt region. Whether you prefer to walk along the steep cliffs, cycle along the coastal paths or simply relax on the golden sandy beaches, there's an outdoor activity to suit everyone. 

 The colour green comes to mind for...
  • Pornic's Golf. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced golfer or an occasional golfer, you'll love the wooded areas with century-old trees and the wide, Scottish-style spaces that the golf course has to offer. And if you'd like to find out more about the site, don't hesitate to try out your swing on one of the introductory days or follow the guide on one of the ‘Meet our Enthusiasts’ tours.
  • the enchanted islands at Chéméré, a magnificent Renaissance garden in the heart of the Princé forest. 
  • Pornic Aventure : an opportunity to leap from tree to tree like Tarzan, to awaken your senses in the heart of a magnificent forest acrobatic course. 
  • The banks of the Acheneau at Port-Saint-Père. A landscape to discover on a kayak trip with Escapade Nature !
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A rich heritage to discover

Destination Pornic offers a plethora of historical, cultural and unique tours for visitors of all ages. Learn about the history of the Gourmalon district and its magnificent villas, the castle and port of Pornic, fishing on foot...  
What's more, you can meet local enthusiasts: they'll tell you all about medieval-inspired gardens, mysterious dolmens, a restored mill and many other unusual themes. 

 The colour white comes to mind for...
  • the colour of flour and the gourmet bread workshops offered by La Petite Maison dans la Prairie
  • the sails of the Corsaires de Retz, which is back on the water again.
  • the baby storks that can be seen at Vue from April to June. It's a great opportunity to go for a walk, sit back with binoculars and contemplate the wonders of Mother Nature.

 The colour yellow comes to mind for... 
  • the gorse moor at Préfailles, the largest in the Loire-Atlantique region. Yes, spring is undoubtedly the season when you can admire it in all its flowering splendour. Just imagine this vast expanse of bright yellow along the Douaniers path. Whether the weather is fine or the sky is all grey, the gorse heath will brighten up your coastal walks... a magnificent sight that won't leave you indifferent.
  • the sun, which gives us beautiful days and declines later, for the pleasure of long evenings!
  • vue nest stork birds migration nature tree - © Mélanie Chaigneau

A gourmet spring at Destination Pornic

Spring also brings an explosion of flavours to our destination. The restaurants offer delicious local cuisine featuring fresh seasonal produce. From generous seafood platters  to regional specialities, every meal is an unforgettable gastronomic experience. In the markets, the stalls of the greengrocers are overflowing with delicious local produce: asparagus, strawberries, new garlic, onions, cucumbers, artichokes, salads and peas... They're the harbingers of tasty meals! 

 We're thinking orange for...
  • a sunset picnic on the beach! The golden-red sand is so typical of our region 🥰
  • market halles local produce loire atlantique gastronomy farming - © Elise Fournier

Festive events and entertainment

Spring in Pornic is punctuated by vibrant entertainment and events that celebrate the season and local culture. From craft markets and outdoor music festivals to art exhibitions, the Pornic Carnival and street performances, there's always something exciting to discover during your stay at Destination Pornic. Soak up the town's lively atmosphere and take part in these unique events that will enrich your spring experience around Pornic.
Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1) And we're thinking of rainbow colours like...
  • the confetti that flies during the Spring Carnival in Pornic
  • the flowers and plants that decorate the Jardin des Lakas in La Plaine-sur-Mer on Plant Festival day
  • the flowering paths and vegetable patches in the garden at Eco-Domaine la Fontaine, a real treat for the senses.
 The colour red comes to mind for...
  • The first strawberries from the Fraiseraie of Pornic. The pleasure of getting up early, taking a little basket, going to their strawberry market, discovering different varieties... and thinking of a recipe to enjoy them :-) It's the most eagerly awaited and sweetest moment to share with the whole family from May onwards. See you on Wednesday and Saturday mornings!
  • The first strawberry-vanilla ice creams enjoyed at the foot of the Château de Pornic, facing the beach at Tharon or in the heart of nature at the farm Les Délices de l'Air Marin in Moutiers en Retz. Don't forget our local custom: take a selfie of your ice cream and share it with the #destinationpornic... in our region, it's the star of all selfies!
  • The flamboyant sunset over Les Salines de Millac in the heart of our marshes! 
  • permaculture orchard vegetable garden nature garden pornic loire-atlantique ecodomaine culture gardening - © Mélanie Chaigneau
  • pornic beach pond yellow moor Atlantic ocean stroll walk rucksack hike - © Elise Fournier
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Spring in Destination Pornic is a time of magic and renewal. Gentle sea breezes mingle with floral fragrances , creating a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to relax and marvel. Whether strolling along the coastal paths, exploring the charming surrounding villages or savouring fresh and delicious food in the local restaurants , every moment is an invitation to discover the natural beauty and cultural richness of this unique territory.
Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation or gastronomic discoveries, the springtime around Pornic offers an unforgettable experience to all those lucky enough to live it.

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