Destination Pornic, a collection of gourmet products

Destination Pornic, une collection de produits gourmands
Do you know the destination's flagship products? Galettes St Michel, ice-cream from the Fraiseraie or Délices de l'Air Marin, Curé Nantais cheese, Bouchot mussels, Moutiers salt, Brigantine beer, Ced rums, wines... but there are plenty of other places to visit for gourmets and connoisseurs alike. Here is our selection... to make sure you always have something to eat !

European Heritage Days in Destination Pornic

Le Sémaphore de la Pointe Saint-Gildas
During European Heritage Days, owners, associations, municipalities, etc. come together to welcome a passionate audience and share their history(s) and know-how. Some offer visits all year round (find all the information on our site or by clicking on the links) but others only open their doors on this occasion. This national event is celebrating its 40th edition around the following themes : * Water and natural heritage, * Arts and architecture, * History and memories * Know-how and traditions Find all the 2023 information in our Tourist Offices and by clicking here. Here is our Destination Pornic selection !  

Destination Pornic, a territory of rivers !

#itinerairebis, les rivières
Depending on the place you choose, go by kayak, canoe but also in a pedal boat or even an electric boat. Each navigable river in Destination Pornic offers a different experience. On the water, the angle of view on the agricultural lands, the fauna and the flora is completely different. Depending on the height of the banks and the perspective that your walk will offer you, the landscapes will not have the same atmosphere Embark and let yourself be surprised by our destination while enjoying the tranquility of the place.

Paddle and kayak in Moutiers-en-Retz

#itinerairebis, Les Moutiers en Retz
Step 1 - Boarding from a slipway Starting from the Hermitage slipway or the Pré Vincent slipway, located a stone's throw away, embark at high tide in the bay of Bourgneuf, heading due south towards the Port du Collet. Accessible all year round, both wedges are free! From the beach, the maritime groynes of rock and wood sink into the Atlantic Ocean. Want to know more about the history of Moutiers? Click here  

In Chauvé and Pornic, the stones would have so much to tell!

#itinerairebis : maquette
We are not indomitable Gauls in Destination Pornic! Absolutely not ! On the other hand, in some of our villages, we have megaliths rising towards the sky. They have always haunted people's imaginations. Step 1 – Time travel in Chauvé In Chauvé, the Menhirs circuit is accessible on foot, by bike and on horseback. The 9km route winds through quiet, verdant countryside. You will be surprised by these traces of the past which attest to a Neolithic presence in the Pays de Retz. Sometimes impressive by their height or more anecdotal by the survival of their lifting wedges, observing them, we invite you to travel through time. Meet at the starting point at the La Pauvredrie picnic area, route de Saint-Père.  

Pornic take me for a ride

In truth, when you love Pornic and its charm, you never really leave them... It's like a love story. On the other hand, to breathe a little and break away from the tumult of the old port, you can move away from it for just a few hours... An escape accessible on foot or by bike.  

Préfailles, kayak ride on the ocean at sunset

Kayak à Préfailles
Notice to athletes AND romantics ! We have the right plan to share a moment suspended off Pointe Saint-Gildas. Unforgettable moments guaranteed ! Pointe Saint-Gildas de Préfailles : a breathtaking panorama ! The ocean as far as the eye can see, a very indented coast and an area of ​​11.5 ha classified as a Regional Nature Reserve. Best known fo r: * a walk, * a storm near the pier of the port of Préfailles * from the top of the Semaphore museum space... You can discover it, by kayak, from the Atlantic Ocean, when the last rays of the sun skim the waves.  

An idea for a peaceful stay in Sainte-Pazanne

Etang de la Beusse
Halfway between Nantes and Pornic, near the Lac de Grand-Lieu nature reserve, the Acheneau and the La Blanche river, the town of Sainte-Pazanne has a multitude of charms and perspectives… Ideal for refocusing on its essentials !